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Research Clients

Since 1993 I have conducted archival/library research for a variety of corporate, academic, and private clients. Here is a sampling of

clients and their projects, organized by their research time period (when a project crossed time periods, I have placed it in its primary

category). I have respected the wishes of some clients who have asked me to conduct research for them on a confidential basis and

have not listed their projects. For more information on my background and education, see my resume. Read what my clients are saying

about my work here.

1800-1850 Research Projects
  • Conducted research in the War of 1812 pension and land papers at National Archives for historian Holly Metz (returning client, 2016).

  • Researched War of 1812 claims in Library of Congress manuscript collection of Admiral George Cockburn and National Archives Record Group 76, Boundary and Claims Commissions and Arbitrations, for Cornwall, U.K. graduate student Tracy Castle (2015).

  • Researcher for Seth Kaller, Inc. at National Archives, Library of Congress, and other Washington, D.C. sites.  Long-term projects researching the provenance of a circa 1820s copy of the Declaration of Independence engraved by William J. Stone.  Other projects focused on a Civil War era suspension of a writ of habeas corpus; the Proclamation of the Ratification of the Definitive Articles of Peace and Friendship, 1784; and an 1861 Virginia Convention broadside, among other topics (2006-2010).

  • Investigated War of 1812 privateer records and disappearance of Theodosia Burr Alston for historian Mercedes Bujans using sources at National Archives and Library of Congress (2006-2008).

  • Located War of 1812 pension records at National Archives for urban archeologist in Burlington, Vermont  (2007, 2009, 2010).

1850-1900 Research Projects

  • Searched the 1869-1872 log of the Light-House and Buoy Tender Shubrick for references to photographer Eadweard Muybridge and his work photographing light houses along the California, Oregon, and Washington coastline for historian Tim Greyhavens at Archives 1 (2022) (returning client, 2019, 2021)

  • Searched for specific photographers and studios in Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Collection of Pacific Northwest Native American photographs for historian Tim Greyhavens (2022) (returning client, 2019, 2021)

  • Conducted research on postal rate changes and routes from the U.S. to New Zealand at Archives 1 for ​New Zealand historian (2021)

  • Researched journalist George Kennan and his trips to Russia and subsequent U.S. speaking tours in his journals and personal papers in his Library of Congress Manuscript Collection for author Gregory Wallance (2021) 

  • Used databases and online sources such as Hathitrust to research history of handshaking and handshaking anecdotes for historian Ella Al-Shamari (2020)

  • Conducted genealogical research for Jimmie Lee Van Camp, including checking grave sites and plat books and photographing gravestones at Glenwood Cemetery, Washington, D.C. (2020)

  • Searched for news articles and political cartoons on James G. Blaine for historian Hervey Priddy (returning client, 2019)

  • Searched U.S. pardon case files at National Archives for Celia Fassberg, law professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2017-2018)

  • Conduct research at National Archives I and National Archives, San Francisco on specific Sharps carbine owned by James Perrin (2018).

  • Examined Library of Congress Herndon/Weik Collecion of Lincolniana for information on Mary Todd Lincoln for Kerry Ellard (2018).

  • Researched land records in the Washington, D.C. Archives and Public Records office for historian Pennelope Goforth (2017)


  • Located correspondence for the 1850s Gunnison-Beckwith Pacific Railroad Survey at National Archives I and II for historian Sterling Kirk Beidleman (2016).

  • Extended previous research in the Bureau of Ordnance records into the early 1850s at National Archives for Sharps historian Edward W. Marron, Jr.  Located and transcribed more than 150 letters and reports for book of transcriptions, standardized transcription format, and wrote summaries (returning client, 2016). 

  • Researched Library of Congress manuscript collection of Evalyn Walsh MacLean for references to and photos of Camp Bird and Hidden Treasures Mines for historians Mark and Karen Vendl (2015) and helped secure images for their forthcoming book (2017).

  • Researched 1850s tests of Sharps rifles by the U.S. War Department at National Archives for historian Edward Marron (returning client, 2015).

  • Photocopied correspondence in the Marcus Baker Papers in the Smithsonian Institution Archives for family historian Rod Baker (2014).


  • Research on late 19th century postal routes in National Archives records for postal historian Joe Cody. (2014).

  • Located and scanned articles on Harper's Ferry conspirators in the Library of Congress online and folio collections for Civil War historian and author Charles Poland. (returning client, 2014).

  • Provided background research at National Archives and the Library of Congress for potential segments for Lion Television's History Detectives on PBS (2012).

  • Research on the 1850s military career of John Mullan in military post records and Adjutant General correspondence at National Archives for Idaho state historian Keith Petersen (2011-2012).

  • Located correspondence and records at National Archives on the invention and trials of the nineteenth century Sharps rifle for historian Ed Marron. (2010-2013).

  • Research on British geographer Richard Francis Burton's 1860 visit to the United States for Neil Thomas Proto.  Included discovery of letter of introduction in War Department Papers at National Archives and research at Library of Congress (2011).

  • Photographed Civil War era newspaper articles for historian Charles Poland at the Library of Congress (2010, 2013, 2015).

  • Located articles on Civil War Zouave unit in 1861 newspapers for Jeff Patrick, National Park Service, at the Library of Congress (2009).

  • Photographed diary entries and correspondence in Library of  Congress Manuscript Division for Lincoln Memorial University Professor Earl Hess for his research on the Stones River, Kennesaw Mountain, and Knoxville Campaign, ca. 1863 (2009, 2010).

  • Located correspondence and government documents related to Jefferson County, West Virginia in the papers of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, 1865-1873, National Archives for Professor Paul Anderson, Clemson University (2005-2006).

1900-1950 Research Projects
  • Searched State Dept. Central Decimal File name indices and documents to locate correspondence on activities by American Jews to assist their destitute relatives in Europe in early 1900s for doctoral student Gavin Beinart-Smollan (2023)

  • Research on the provenance of a Sharps rifle previously owned by the New York Museum of Natural History for Sharps expert Edward W. Marron (2021)​

  • Current research on showman Jimmie Hull and his production of minstrels and tent shows in the 1920s through the 1940s (2018-current).

  • Using newspapers and manuscript collections, researched persons interested in raising the Titanic for historian Daniel Stone (2019).

  • Compared Green Book and telephone directory listings for businesses open to African American customers for historian Maggie Jones (2019). 


  • Helped develop research plan and conduct research on British World War I debts for University of Nottingham Professor David Gill (2018-2019)


  • Conducted research in the National Woman's Party microfilm  collection at the Library of Congress for Tally Fugate (2019).

  • Researched records at the Library of Congress and Catholic University on the topic of full employment, ca. late 1940s, for Acadia University professor Michael Dennis (returning client, 2017-ongoing).

  • Located reports on Pancho Villa at National Archives for historian and author Joe Lee Janssens (2017).

  • Researched provenance of Hyman Bloom paintings in correspondence and sales data of gallery collections at the Archives of American Art for art historian Robert Alimi (returning client, 2018).

  • Researched photographs and textual records on the 1947 Freedom Train at National Archives for historian Dave Mills, US Army Command and General Staff College (2016).

  • Conducted research in the at Richmond P. Hobson Papers at the Library of Congress for University of Alabama professor Kari Frederickson (returning client, 2016).

  • Read through muster rolls and deck logs of the U.S.S. Arizona, ca. 1921, at National Archives for the initials of a specific person for historian Matt Sears (2016).

  • Conducted research in World War I and II records at National Archives on "Yank" and "Stars and Stripes" for historian Molly Guptill (returning client, 2015). 

  • Located photos and films in various archives and museum collections and obtained necessary permissions for use in Neil Proto's play on Ferdinand Pecora: "The Reckoning, Pecora for the Public" (returning client, 2015). 

  • Researched and photographed images in the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge records at National Archives for Kansas State University Professor M.J. Morgan (2011, 2014).

  • Research in Senator Albert J. Beveridge Papers at the Library of Congress Manuscript Division for historian Rob Wick (returning client, 2014, 2016, 2018).

  • Research in WPA Federal Music Project in the Performing Arts Reading Room at the Library of Congress for New Jersey historian Holly Metz. (returning client, 2014).

  • Located film and sound recordings of Ferdinand Pecora, 1930s chief counsel for the U.S. Banking Committee, in National Archives news reels collections, archival libraries, and stock footage depositories for historian Neil Proto (returning client, 2014).

  • Researched and wrote history of association's 1914 origins for Facilities Manager, a publication of APPA, a higher education association for facilities officers. Includes brief biographies of the founding members and full citations (2013).

  • Researched Work Projects Administration papers at National Archives for historian Holly Metz. This is a follow up to a project I assisted with in 2009, which resulted in her book, Killing the Poormaster: A Saga of Poverty, Corruption, and Murder in the Great Depression (2013).


  • Located items of interest in the Mary McLeod Bethune Papers in the Library of Congress Manuscript Division for historian Annalisa Mogorovich, University of Trieste, Italy (2013).


  •  Checked Papers of Lessing Rosenwald at the Library of Congress Manuscript Division for information on Sears Modern Home  Department for historian Lara Solonickne (2013).

  • Researched and wrote history of the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs from its beginnings in the 1890s to the present.  Conducted research in various GWU archival collections, historical databases, and Library of Congress collections.  Researched and located photographs and documents as illustrations for finished product (2012-2013).

  • Conducted research into the provenance of Modigliani paintings at the Smithsonian Archives of American Art for Alessandro De Steffani, an art historian in Monza, Italy (2012).

  • Examined the Thomas C. Corcoran Papers at the Library of Congress for Miami University Professor James Tobin, for insights on this lawyer's views on disability for book on Franklin Delano Roosevelt and disability (2012).


  • Located and scanned classified real estate ads in 17 U.S. newspapers in the 1940s at the Library of Congress for analysis of home prices by economist Daniel S. Fetter (2012).

  • Examined the Jo Davidson Papers at the Library of Congress for Acadia University Professor Mike Dennis, for insights into the sculptor's 1930s-1940s political activities (2011).

  •  Examined Papers of Kermit Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, and John C. O'Laughlin in Library of Congress Manuscript Division for information on presentation horns presented to Kermit from his father after 1909-1910 African safari for Roosevelt historian Greg Wynn (2011, 2012).

  • Researched in Customs Case files at National Archives to locate information on the importation of Edna Gertrude Beasley's banned memoir for historian Alison Tartt (2011).


  • Located information on  Sweets Company of America and other local companies for Hoboken Historical Museum, Hoboken, New Jersey in the 1930s-1940s records of the National Labor Relations Board records at National Archives. (2011).

  • Database, Library of Congress, National Archives,  George Mason University Transportation Special Collections research on the history of Shirley Highway/I-395 and additional projects for Schnader Attorneys at Law (2010-2012).

  • Located photographs and background information at the Library of Congress and National Archives for Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historical Site for exhibit on Percheron horses at the site in the 1920s (2010).

  • Research for Art Schultz, family genealogist, on location and photos of St. James Hotel, Washington, D.C., 1903, at the Library of Congress (2009).

  • Research for Gemini Research at National Archives on a Minnesota Works Progress Administration Project in preparation for their National Register of Historic Places application (2009).

  • Research for University of Illinois Professor Inger Stole for her book on the (War) Advertising Council during World War II. Research has included records of the Office of Price Administration; Office of War Information; Federal Trade Commission; and the Temporary National Economic Committee at National Archives. (2009, 2011).​

  • Located correspondence and records dealing with Herman Matson and Hoboken [N.J.] Workers Defense League in unredacted ca. 1930s FBI files, Department of Justice documents, and WPA-related materials at National Archives for historian Holly Metz (2009).

  • Research on Triumph Industries (Triumph Explosives and the "Triumph Girls"), a former fireworks factory in Elkton, Maryland, which became an ordnance plant during World War II, for University of Delaware Professor Guy Alchon. Research conducted at National Archives I and II and Library of Congress (2008-2009).

  • Research at National Archives on Jesse Mosely, African-American physician active in Mexican Revolution, for historian Jan Jones (2008).

  • Located U.S. immigration records of EakTai Ahn, composer of the Korean national anthem, at National Archives for YoungHan Hur, Korea National University of Arts (2008).


  • Researched Hawaiian Queen Liliuokalani’s 1910 U.S. Court of Claims Case; 1850 Hawaiian princes’ tour of the United States; 1976 takeover of  Kaho’-olawe at National Archives, Library of Congress, and Hawaii State Archives for books by Neil Thomas Proto, lawyer and Affiliated Professor, Georgetown Public Policy Institute (2006-2009).

  • Provided background from National Archives and Naval Historical Center Operational Archives Branch POW reports on American POWs who served with POW/Olympian Louis Sylvie Zamperini for Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand  (2005, 2007, 2009).

  • Located correspondence and photos at National Archives related to the work of artist Ernest L. Blumenschein for exhibit catalog for Albuquerque Museum (2007).

1950-2021 Research Projects
  • Researched sound recordings and permissions for historian and author Neil T. Proto for Downfall, a documentary blog on Baseball Commissioner Bart Giamatti, baseball, and Pete Rose scandal (2021) (returning client, 2015-2022)

  • Continued researching production and reviews on films for international client (2020-ongoing) (returning client, 2010-2022)

  • ​Conducted database research on use of vanilla flavoring by various companies for lawyer Spencer Sheehan (2019-2020)

  • Researched permissions information on 1950s ads, catalogs, and images for upcoming book by cultural historian Sarah Archer on mid-1950s kitchens (returning client, 2017).

  • Conducted database and archival research for author Scott Anderson on the establishment of the CIA (2016-2017).

  • Conducted archival research for historian Inger Stole on the role of the State Department, CIA, and USIA in commerical television production and programming (returning client, 2017, ongoing)

  • Conducted initial background searches in databases and archival sources on Title IX for historian Sherry Boschert (2016)

  • Researched online collections of various universities and private and public libraries for historian Neil Proto in preparation of his biography, Fearless: A. Bartlett Giamatti and the Battle for Fairness in America  (2021) (returning client, 2015-2021).

  •  Researched and obtained permissions to reprint 1945-1970 ads, catalogs, and articles for Midcentury Christmas: Fads, Fancies, and Fun  from 1945 to 1970 by cultural historian Sarah Archer (2016).

  • Searched through 1960-1961 issues of Bottling Industry magazine for specific references for biographer David Kenney (2016).

  • Researched Library of Congress manuscript collection of Jack Kemp and periodical collections for historian Jesse Berrett (returning client, 2015-2016).

  • Researched records of the American Revolutionary Bicentennial Administration at National Archives for historian Jesse Bennett (2015).

  • Research in the Jackie Robinson, Branch Rickey, and Arthur Mann Papers at the Library of Congress Manuscript Division for Seth Kaller, Inc. (returning client, 2014).

  • Assisted Eric Fenrich, doctoral candidate, University of California, Santa Barbara, with his research on NASA and the role of civil rights activists and government agencies on its inclusion of women and minorities in the astronaut corps.  Research was conducted in the Library of Congress National Urban League and NAACP collections and at the NASA Headquarters History Division (2012-2013)

  • Assisted historian Hervey A. Priddy with research on the U.S. Synthetic Fuels Corporation.  Shepherded Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for unprocessed record group at National Archives; located and photocopied items of interest; and located additional materials in Library of Congress collections (2008-2013).

  • Assisted family of the late journalist Irving R. Levine in preparing private papers for inclusion in his existing Library of Congress Manuscript Collection (2010).

  • Research on Charles Eames's multiscreen projection films in the Charles and Ray Eames Papers at the Library of Congress for Lauritz Lipp, Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany (2010).

  • Research on South Carolina Ku Klux Klan rallies in the 1960s for writer John Lawson. Included research in period newspapers, FBI Counterintelligence Program records, and NAACP manuscript collection and first-person interviews (2008, 2009).

  • Located U.S. State Department records on French North Africa from 1949 to 1961 at National Archives for Theresa Romahn, Wilfrid Laurier University (2008).

  • Provided research assistance to Irving R. Levine, former NBC news correspondent, in his manuscript collection at the Library of Congress and personal collections.  Conducted background research on his forty years of reporting and wrote synopses of events and broadcasts for autobiography (2001-2005).

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