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The Research Process

Whether your research project is large or small, specific or open ended, I am interested in hearing from you and discussing how I might be of assistance. 

Research projects usually begin with an understanding of what you know and what you would like to know.  Perhaps you are gathering information, proving a thesis, or confirming a citation or reference you found elsewhere.  In each scenario, I can support your project with professional and knowledgeable assistance.

If you linked to my website from the Library of Congress or National Archives websites, you may already have some ideas on where the information you need is located.  For example, a graduate student asked me to examine State Department records generated over a three-month period for any mention of American films shown in Germany; this was a very specific, limited search. 

For other assignments, my charge has been more open-ended: for example, locate publishing details for the William J. Stone engraving of the Declaration of Independence; for this project I examined Treasury records, State Department correspondence, manuscript collections, and local government records.

Please contact me at peggyannbrown AT verizon DOT net so we can discuss your research interests, and I can begin the process of tracking down the information you need!  Working with an independent researcher can bring focus and organization to your project. As a Washington, D.C.-based historian, I am knowledgable of various resources here and can save you the expense of traveling to and staying in Washington, D.C.  

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