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Here are some samples of my writing on various topics. Click on the article title to read the article.

Writing Samples

"Diplomatic Farmers: Iowans and the 1955 Agricultural Delegation to the Soviet Union." Annals of Iowa, Winter 2013. On a balmy September evening in 1955, 1,500 people crowded into a high school auditorium in Sioux City, Iowa, to hear Whiting farmer Herb Pike describe his recent visit to the Soviet Union. . .

"Reconstructing APPA's Early Years. Founding Members Build Campuses and the Profession," Facilities Manager Magazine, September/October 2013. "March 23, 1914 shone cold and clear as nearly a dozen university representatives gathered at the University of Chicago for the organizational meeting of what would become APPA. . ."

"Engaging the World, The Study of International Affairs at the George Washington University," 2013.  "With a Rand McNally Atlas among its first purchases, Columbian University opened its doors in Fall 1898 to 90 graduate students interested in the history and workings of international law. . ."

"Presidential Leadership: Understanding the Influence of Academic Disciplines," Public Purpose, April/May 2008. "It's easy to forget, amidst the perceived ivory tower of administrative offices, that top university administrators were once students themselves. . ."

"Jacksonville's Tree Giveaway,American Forests, Autumn 2007. "Thinking about all the pipes, culverts, and cement needed to manage stormwater in Jacksonville, Florida, city official Susie Wiles is convinced there has to be a better way to meet federal water quality regulations. The answer, she suspects, may be growing right before her eyes. . ."

"Re-creating History," Ensemble, Winter 2006.  "Calling themselves 'visual storytellers,' StudioEIS artisans craft realistic figures that both replicate history and evoke emotional responses. . ."

 "Lessons & Landscape at The Willow School," Ensemble, Winter 2005.   "Inspired by a curriculum dedicated to teaching responsibility and respect, The Willow School in Gladstone, New Jersey, has created an environment that models these virtues in its buildings and grounds. . ."

"The Customer Is Always Right,"  Independent Gasoline Marketing, September/October 2001.  "For the past 10 years, the motto 'We Exist to Please the Customer,' has been the guiding principle behind Arens Oil, Inc., Montgomery City, Missouri . . ."

 "Edward Bellamy: An Introductory Bibliography," American Studies International26 (October 1988): 37-50.  "In thirteen short years the world enters the twenty-first century, long the province of science fiction writers and utopian dreamers.  As envisioned by Edward Bellamy in his best-selling novel Looking Backward, 2000-1887 (1888), the coming years will be characterized by a 'universal reign of comfort' in which abundance and social harmony have replaced the class warfare and industrial strife of his lifetime. . ."

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